[RELEASE] Brandon's Tooling Around with Code for a Couple of Months - Heroes and Villains


I definitely think if you’re an aspiring developer you should download this - at least to look at so you can puke on your desk after seeing my horrendous coding so you can feel that much better about yourself.

So, I really enjoyed tooling about with this stuff. I don’t want to exactly say I developed this, because a lot of it was just copy and paste - HUGE CREDITS TO THE COMMUNITY DEVELOPERS whom I would like to count myself as one - I did figure out a couple of tricks.

This forms several bridges between various code modules that are unique in form, and can show the community how to do the same, so there’s something to be learned from this thing.

I get so bored trying to work on this now - but I don’t want this work to just be archived on my hard drive. I’m burnt out, and I can tell this is something I won’t come back to.

I hated script hooking because it made players invincible. In my opinion, this game mode (I guess is what I call it) should be ran with script hooking off.

So if this works as is (I’m not testing it, might require some shims), it creates a persistent environment which you can create a hero or villain and fight the opposite faction which spawns as NPC’s.

NPC’s have some of these features too.

Lots of code garbage, will need tons of cleanup
Resistance Powers
Superranged (does more damage with guns)
Stunt Driving (probably my favorite)
Magnetism (Second favorite)
Other features that I don’t feel like looking up

So enjoy this for what it is, or not. Go read and tool with something else if you want to.

Look at the file size below. That’s all zipped ASCII text. So there’s that.

resources.zip (166.3 KB)