[Release] BETA - FXServer Mod Installer v0_1.2



This is a program designed to ease up on installing vehicle mods (installing script mods will soon be supported, but I haven’t fully figured that part out yet), but it’s not fully automated, some things in FX is necessary to be done by hand.

In the zip file, you’ll find a read please!.txt file. Extract both files somewhere you remember, then thoroughly read through it, as it’d be too long to post the guide here. If there are any bugs to be found, report them to me through any of the social medias in the readme file. Thank you.

FX has updated to v0_1! First full release!

This includes the last automated feature I needed done, namely adding your vehicle folder to the server.cfg (default path: “Drive:\FiveServer\cfx-server-data-master\server.cfg”). I’ve also deleted ‘Factory reset “resources”’ and “Reload” buttons.
Another line in __resource.lua has been added.
‘carcontentunlocks.meta’ and
data_file ‘CARCONTENTUNLOCKS_FILE’ 'carcontentunlocks.meta’
v0_2.0’s changelog will be in the downloadable archive.

Made sure the checkbox allowing you to add the vehicle name to your server.cfg works when using replacement method and not only addon method. (‘Add mod to "server.cfg’"’)

Download: FX Mod Installer (old)
Download: FX Mod Installer b0_2 (old)
Download: FX Mod Installer v0_1 (old)
Download: FX Mod Installer v0_1.2 (old)
Download: FX Mod Installer v0_2.0 (up-to-date)

b0_1 Virus Scans:
Virus Scan 1 (File from my desktop):
Link 1
{I noticed Link 1 has 2 engines detected. This happened once with the initial release, and I believe it has to do with resources in the project itself. I’ve used it numerous amount of times (the specific .exe) so it should be fine. I promise I’m not trying to infect anyone, simply sharing easier installation.}
Virus Scan 2 (Mediafire Download Link):
Link 2

b0_2 Virus Scans:
Virus Scan 1 (Executable File):
Link 1
Virus Scan 2 (Download Link):
Link 2

v0_1 Virus Scans:
Virus Scan 1 (Executable File):
Link 1
Virus Scan 2 (Download Link):
Link 2

v0_1.2 Virus Scans:
Virus Scan 1 (Executable File):
Link 1
(notice, Qihoo on Scan 1 is a false positive. Confirmed with a few google searches.)
Virus Scan 2 (Download Link):
Link 2

v0_2.0 Virus Scans:
Virus Scan 1 (Download Link):
Link 1

Virus Scan 2 (Executable):
Link 2
(I am aware virustotal detects 3 engines in FXI.exe… but that has happened for at least every other of my downloads, so it is safe. I believe it has to do with Visual Studio.)

imgur.com (old)
imgur.com (updated)
imgur.com (release)

Thank you for downloading. Please do report any bugs or unintended use of said software.



Virus scan? and any screen shots?


I shall add screenshots and virus scans. I had to upload in a rush, I apologize.


Appreciate it pal :slight_smile:



Prolly a false positive tho


Definitely is, I’ve had the exact same hit with an fx installer I made, seems like a common false positive for most visual studio form apps, for some reason.


Ill test this tomorrow. Thanks for your contribution!


Think it might have to do with Visual Studio apps itself? That would explain why most programs I’ve ever published online have had one or two hits in virustotal - but they were always false positives because I can guarantee nobody ever got malware from mine…


Yeah, I always get “static engine” from SentinelOne, with any app I make in visual studio forms, WPF apps seem to be fine, however.

Can I ask, do you have any embedded resources in your app? As I tend to get more, false positives with them.


No pictures, I have something called “String1” in Resources and 4 strings in “Settings”, for the FX path, addon/replace path and one for the script installer (which is unofficial for now). Other than that, I have no embedded resources that I know of.

These are all in the Project Settings, by the way.


Yeah must not be embedded resources that causes it, after all. Just a bad virus scanner that is too happy to give out false positives.


I thought Virustotal was honest, though. I use Virustotal because it’s easy to use and usually doesn’t give false positives… oh well.


Virus total is great, it has multiple virus scanners that’s the whole point but some of them are better than others.


Can you show me how to do this on discord or somthing?


Here’s my video on it: youtube