[Release] Admin/Owner Car! šŸš«


ā€“ Texture By @NoamKvet


Copy the adminowner folder to your resources and add it to server.cfg

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Vehicle Images :
Small Details On The Owner Car :wink:

[Release] Nasa Vehicle Addon Pack! šŸ›°
[Release] Loadout & Commands! šŸ’Ŗ
[Release] /onduty šŸš“

2 beautiful skins. Appreciate the release man.


Thanks you for the feed back!


Great vehicles, nice job!


Thanks! i m8 release more textures!



Very well done.

Nuff said. :mascot:


have you seen the small details on the owner car ? :wink:


New Textures Released! [Release] Free To Use Textures [Kvetz]


anyone here wants more textures?


Um there really good just what is the name of your ped in that photo http://prntscr.com/huvc4i


tbh i dont remember will try to find it fo yea



Thank you
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Where Is The download Link?


it says github


Mor vehiculs


Can it only be spawned by admins ? :slight_smile:


Just convert them into addons.


how do we use them in game, do we spawn them? What command do we use.


menu ?

type or paste code here