Rejoining the server w/o restarting the game breaks custom clothes streaming


Bug: So ive been fooling around with streaming mp_freemode clothes now and i have expericed if start your game, log into a server it works, then if you relog it does not seem to work anymore it stops streaming the clothes.
Screenshot: WIll take one if needed


Clear your game cache that has the server info in it. should fix it, did for me


Oh it works, but as soon as i relog once it will glitch, if ithan after restart it works agian


Can you try to log in to your server, than relog and see if it still works for you?


i tried relog and it worked the first time i relogged. Second time i relog i had to join twice to fix it without restart


Exactly, thats the weird part, you have to restart evrytime you log into the server


Experiencing the same bug. Re-joining the server without restarting the game breaks custom clothes streaming :slightly_frowning_face:

P.S. Updated the topic title for you to better convey the essence.


Thanks, lets hope it gets fixed!


Rejoining server’s was never fully supported, it was always going to cause some issue. You’ll just have to reboot the game for now. I’m not sure if this will be fixed anytime soon, or if it’s even possible to be fixed at all.


i see, works for me anyway!