[Recruiting | Under Development] SAES-RP


San Andreas Emergency Services RP

Hello everyone! Wanted to announce a new project that I am started. Currently, we do have a server, however, we are currently working to perfect it, and we are looking to open it to our members in about a week. In the mean time, come hang out in our discord & apply! We are trying to fill the following slots:


  • Troopers - 6x
  • Sergeants - 2x
  • Lieutenants - 1x
  • Colonels - 1x


  • Firefighters - 5x
  • Lieutenants - 3x
  • Captains - 1x
  • Chiefs - 1x


  • CIVs - 4x
  • CIV Commander - 1x


  • Dispatchers - 2x
  • Dispatch Deputy Director - 1x

We also are looking to open 2 other departments in the future. All of our skins are custom made, we feature a variety of custom scripts, and have DOJ-styled CAD. If interested, check us out!