Recent Update + Some information


i have an idea: put somewhere (for example on serverlist and server names list) the client and server version


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Just a warning to everybody who uses vehicles.meta, the newest game update (Import/Export) has broken FBI2, PRANGER, and SHERIFF2 for FiveReborn so do not get a new vehicles.meta from the game, stick to an old one and you will be fine.

If anyone needs to grab a vehicles.meta, get it from common.rpf rather than update.rpf because common.rpf is never changed.


Out of curiosity how long should the archivefix fetch command take as I can’t tell if its frozen after creating two files or I need to leave it longer? It’s been going for at least 20 minutes, if this fails would someone be able to upload the files it creates somewhere. Cheers

How i install sirens?

I run the archivefix fetch everything seems to be working but am stuck at aes key found and waited after a hour and nothing else happens so is it done?

How to install custom sirens on your FiveM server

It should just proceed by itself. If it doesn’t please look for support at the archivefix team. We can’t support third party programs.


Here is the complete download for anyone having trouble with it. I had the same issue and had to get it from someone else. Just passing on the favor.



Thanks for this!

I’m able to stream car and ped and what I want except for mp model part…

There is no xml file for part, the game recognize them by the name… but, for add them in solo it’s easy, juste add file in mp_f_freemode_01 in dlc with openIV… but in fivem, how to? if I can’t say to the game for which model is for, I can’t do anything…

Thank you for your help!


Using the new Creators Update from Windows removes the Shift+Right click CMD open option for ArchiveFix


You should still be able to do it with PowerShell though.


Great Forum, has been really helpful!

So I modified my Streams.rpf audio file and used ArchiveFix to get it running in FiveM. Other users still here the “stock” audio file. Is there anyway to put the .rpf in the citizen folder-possibly streaming the audio for other users to hear?

Thank you for this forum and the community. As I lurked here for a week I want to share that all replies are so so appreciated, there are MANY who do not post but gain from the knowledge shared here.


AFAIK you can’t stream sounds.


Correct. It’s in the works, but for the time being modified sounds can only be placed client side.


Right on, so only YOU who modded the client can hear the sound?


Yes, that is correct.


Okay thanks for clearing that up for me!


What does this mean exactly?


Ive done everything right! but i dont hear it :frowning:


same here i was trying to install it but it wouldn’t work


vehicle meta in five m folder orrrr?


Hello, I have reinstalled GTA V, and FiveM 3 times and it still doesn’t work for me. It has worked before but after some update it messed up my siren and I had to reinstall it and it doesn’t work anymore. Is this method of installing sirens still working or is there no known way to install sirens right now? I can’t figure out why it won’t work.