Rcon Log Where To Find It?



Anyone know where to find the Rcon log when in-game and it says check Rcon log how and where do I do that?

Thanks in advance.


Same problem over here


Do you host your server on VPS or zap hosting?

The rcon is the cmd window in the VPS.
Zap hosting has a tab on there website you can go to


Yeah im self hosting one.


If you’re using screen to run your terminal command, you can simply tell it to keep a log for you:

Logging Your Screen Output

Using “ Ctrl-a” “H” , creates a running log of the session.

Screen will keep appending data to the file through multiple sessions. Using the log function is very useful for capturing what you have done, especially if you are making a lot of changes. If something goes awry, you can look back through your logs.


Thank you for the information dude dint know that lol.