[Question] XBR410 Vehicles and FiveM TOS


Quick question on the XBR410 vehicles. From what I understand if you purchase them it is against FiveM TOS and you can get blacklisted (Falls under not selling scripts). If you find a leaked version it is also against FiveM TOS (because its stolen) and you can get blacklisted. So basically just don’t use them? I then tried searching the forms for some clarification without any luck. I just got back into server development and saw them on the forms and looked them up and they look amazing but am not going to pursue trying to get them if it breaks TOS.


Here is what i want to know

But say for example you do not pay for them and you don’t download stolen cars but what if someone in your server gift them to the server that he pay for them but we get it for free as a gift is that also a break of FiveM TOS? just want to know?

I also want to know why do you guys not allow it and what is so wrong with it?

And what it you pay for them to use them in singleplayer and not on FiveM and then after a year or to you create a fivem server and use them cuss you paid so you can use them on singleplayer not FiveM is that a break of FiveM TOS???

I also don’t see what so wrong if people want to spend time to make good cars and then get some money from the hard work they did??

And also i want to get more info why it is so bad for the community that some people make quality cars and get some money for it why is that a beak of tos is that cuss you guys want the money?? if that is why then you guys can add a plugin to the forum that they can upload them here and pay via the fivem web page and then that you guys get a small amount of the money say 10% or some thing

I’m going to work more on this post and add and remove stuff on the go and fix on stuff but atm i just want to get out what i want to say #freespeach


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Using the cars on a server turns the car into User Generated Content, therefore, you paid for user generated content, therefore you breached the terms of service.