[Question] What are good server specs?


This might be the wrong category I wasn’t sure where to put it!

So people keep timing out on my server and I keep getting a lot of hitch warnings of like 11000 ms, I was wondering if its a server issue and what is good specs for a decent sized server to have.

my current server specs:
2 cores
4 gb of ram
1tb hdd
windows server 2012 r2
Network speeds:
40mb download 350mbs upload.



The specs are good, but you may wanna get at least 100mbps internet not to bottleneck connections.


so download is important?


It can be, yeah, especially if you have a lot of resources that need to send data to the server


hmm ok ill look into that and 350 up is good enough?


Yeah, even overkill, my server runs fine with 100 up and down


oh ok thanks for the help


when you have many resources installed and many players with a strong internet connection connect at the same time downloading your resources, 100 mbit/s could be too less. But 350 upload should be more than fine. Maybe think of disable Windows Updates. When you only have 2 CPU cores and an update is started, it could lead to laggs. Check your taskmanager as well.


thank you and i ran a different speed test and i was actually getting 125Mbps download. So its probably i have to many resources and i will try disabling the windows upates asswell.