[QUESTION] Vehicle mods/addons


Hello all,

Recently myself and a few friends began setting up a FiveM server. We have all got development experiance in other games so reasonably know our way around code. We have got many features working in our server and working however we have come across a somewhat hurdle when it comes to vehicles.

Heres the first issue,
When replacing police cars only Police, Police2 and Police3 fully mod no issues every time. By fully mod I mean there is no issues with the lights, the black windows. However whenever we try something like fbi or fbi2 for example nearly every time with any different mod we experience black windows and really buggy lights. Now before someone comments something about the .meta files, I have checked them all, they are fine. Any suggestions on this would be great.
(Regarding the windows, yes, I have tried )

So the replacing method was bothering me so I decided to add in the police cars as addons. For the most part the models based on Police, Police2 and Police3 all go in fine. (Obviously, I have renamed them as they are addons and made completely separate .meta files for each). However, there is an issue with the vehicle sound, you can change the AudioNameHash on any model originally designed for Police or Police2 however not for Police3.

We have searched for a solution/documentation on this and cannot find anything.

I would like a solution to these issues but we are getting by. Any info at all would be great and if anyone wants to have a look, drop me a pm.


I know one fbi and one fbi2 that works for almost everyone. Tho addons i only know how to add “normal ones” the ones that is already addons. Also let me get the links for the cars i’m talking about.

Preddy sure one is https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2015-chevrolet-tahoe-fbi-unlocked

and other one is probably https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/fbi-cvpi