Question about DDOS Protection

As I said, our server is being bombarded with DDOS attacks all day every day. Server comes up for 5 minutes then crashes, over and over and over. I am hosting on a multimod VPS that crumbles under the pressure.

I need DDOS protection for my server but I have no idea how to go about getting that.

Is there a host I can use? Do I need to purchase a dedicated server and use cloudflare or something?

Please help guys. We have a massive community of over 500 people who just want to play on their server but none of them can.

Personally I get my Box from since their premium locations offer very god DDOS protection, but really it’s up to you. You just have to find the right site with the right price for you.


like @Scott_UK said choose one with the right price :wink: i personally use their windows vps is pretty good. been using them for over what 2 maybe 3 years now. (Not for a community)

and their windows vps is pretty good with DDOS Protection :wink:

but it’s up to you whether you choose a shitty vps with about nothing versus have the best option out there for just the right price!

Personally I’ve had a very bad experience with vultr, I bought a VPS with the best DDOS protection possible and our VPS constantly went down. I don’t know if that’s just me though :man_shrugging:

interesting. mine never did. but they also over charged me before. so yeah maybe it’s time to switch :stuck_out_tongue: before they over price me again lol

They also overcharged me twice :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, NFO are interesting… their prices can sometimes be a little excessive and overpriced. I’d recommend OVH if I were you.

Do they have good DDOs protection?

OVH bas a pretty good ddos protection on their infra

I actually found an amazing host which is holding up really well.

If anyone has the same issue, DM me!

Is there any reason why you will only share a decent host via DM?

I’m confident those individuals are violating Discord’s community guidelines.

Follow the instructions here if you’d like to do something about it:

Glad your issue was resolved :mascot:

I’ve been hosting with OVH for over 8 years now, I run a large server with a lot of players coming in and out on the daily, some never being allowed back in for good reasons. With that being said in my time not only with FiveM but various other gameservers (gmod, TF2, DayZ mod, ArmA 2/3, Rust, Minecraft) I’ve dealt with this problem for years.

I’m no way affiliated with OVH but they have some of the best DDoS mitigation in the business (for non-enterprise customers), you really do get what you pay for and is definitely worthwhile pricing up if you’re looking to stop people like this.

I’ve had many people try and knock my box offline throughout the years but laugh every single time, I get an email from OVH telling me of the disruption, with all network traffic being mitigated for the time being.

Not once has my box ever gone down to a denial of service attack.

My long 2c, sorry lads :smile:


Are you hosting a dedi or VPS? Just, I’m also with OVH and if we get a large attack, we can go down… not sure if it’s down to the box or where it’s located. But with my experience, I’d say OVH is mediocre.

Dedicated, you should probably read your SLA as it will tell you if your service provides mitigation.

Cheers mate.

OVH is providing good DDoS protection for both dedicated and VPS.
Only voice chat is kinda buggy while you’re on the mitigation network, but at least players can still play.
On the other hand, Scaleway say they provide a DDoS protection aswell, but for the time I was using it, every DDoS attacks have hit us, and Scaleway’s support said that nothing was going on on our server :joy: (200mbps max server hit with 800mbps traffic but yeah it’s fine :upside_down_face: )

How can somebody say “and their windows vps is pretty good with DDOS Protection :wink:
Windows doesn’t do anything with network protection. Windows doesn’t tunnel ip address etc.
Stop being stupid guys…

Btw. about that DDOS, never use contabo. They got only 1000 Mbit/s bandwidth. Which you can DDOS from your home with just a default router.

I would recommend to you

That isn’t what that means, it means the windows OS is good with some ddos protection for the router… jesus christ.

How you can say it?
Windows is the worst OS ever