PVP Problems


For Some Reason My Server Is Not Letting Me Shoot People And so i made a new server with nothing on it and see if it was my modded server that was having the problem and the new server had the same problem it did not let me shoot anyone and its not only me its other too who cant shoot when getting into my nor the new server can someone help me!server.cfg (4.4 KB)
here is the modded server.cfg file i had someone run it on there server and they said they had no problems with the mod if someone could help me that would be great Thanks!


You need to enable it, either using a script or by you and the other players having lambda menu and setting that up. Search the Forum for a enable pvp script

Check this script out: [RELEASE] PvP Enabled


Thanks it worked can you message me privatly please


done :slight_smile:

Whats up?


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