Publish Servers in the Server List using Hostnames & Dynamic DNS


I have a Suggestion, It would be nice if FiveM Would allow us to license host names instead of IP Addresses and have servers send that data to with their heartbeat and then get published in the list using the Hostname instead of IP address. In some scenarios Static IP’s are not an Option and being able to publish a server with an A record that’s setup with Dynamic DNS would take the frustration out of having to re-key servers every time an IP changes.

The logic behind this would be simple

Server has an option where the Administrator would fill out the Hostname (such as: to send in the Heartbeat to

That server ( would then make a quick DNS Query and resolve that host and verify the FiveM Server sending the heartbeat exists there and then do whatever licensing checks it needs to in order to make sure said Hostname is verified/licensed and then Populate it in the Global Servers list.

If the Devs here could add this Feature it would be amazing. Thanks for Reading I hope you consider it.


You can use hostnames though… Just redirect your domain to your servers IP address.


Please Enlighten me as to How as I have not seen anything that would allow such a configuration. As explained in the above.


It is nothing to do with FiveM you have to do it in your DNS.


Im aware of that but if you read my post (which im assuming you did not considering how quick you replied) what Im trying to say is it would be nice if we could license and publish servers into the FiveM Server list by hostname instead of by IP


In my opinion it is not needed when you can literally do this:

In about 30 seconds.


Right but the inherent problem here is the fact that because FiveM’s licensing is run off the IP Address of the server and does not allow you to license a host name… then when your IP Changes it’s not going to appear in the server list because it’s now reporting from an IP it isn’t licensed to whereas if you were using an A Record that was setup with Dynamic DNS so it Updated your IP when it changed, then it would continue to show up in the server list because it would be licensed by the hostname which would continue to resolve to the IP where the FiveM server is located…


Personally I do not have experience with dynamic IP’s so I can not comment on that one :stuck_out_tongue: But I do see what you mean, I see how this could be an issue for you. I hope you get it resolved :slight_smile:


You mean as a whole or just with FiveM? O_o


I have a static IP :stuck_out_tongue:


I meant like I do have problems with it, since I am on a static IP.


No I gotcha, I cannot get a Static IP with My provider because of the plan i’m on without it costing an arm and a leg extra.


not relevant, there’s a reason the keymaster site names it ‘initial IP’, it doesn’t matter if the IP changes at all


Clearly it does cause everytime the IP of the server changes it will not reappear in the server list until your rekey it for the new IP


no, it doesn’t

probably the fact that you restarted the server made it appear?


I Doubt that as experimentation has proved restarting the server and waiting 15-20 Minutes prior to re-keying it does not remedy the issue. It will only re-appear in the server list after it’s re-licensed.