Problems with Zap-Hosting


Good evening,

I know that many will talk, here is not where you solve your problems with Zap-hosting. But when the fivem did not monopolize the server where we could install our FiveM server it was okay, after that change I had to go to other VPS companies and none support running FiveM, I ended up going to Zap-Hosting, where I’m having difficulties in connect via ftp to put the files from my server. Yes, I already opened a ticket and so far have not solved my problem. How we stay? Are we required to pay more for a dedicated server?

It is my indignation regarding Zap-hosting hosting the servers of FiveM.

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you do not have to use Zap-Hosting… you can use any dedicated or VPS boxes aslong as there not premade servers you can use it.

There is options just people dont seem to understand that.


Because your FTP is not working? Give us a chance to fix it…
I am happy to help, please let me know your username or customer ID by PM; I will check it.

Without having a deeper look into it I can say:
Dont edit/upload files while your server is running, stop it before.
Go to “FTP Browser” once your server is stopped. The control panel will refresh your FTP permissions once that site is opened. Should not get any permission denied errors then.

Dont try to delete the cache folder, this will lead to permission denied. Each serverrestart, our control panel will empty the cache folder itself.


That’s strange. I have to manual delete it after every restart.


these files will be deleted on each serverrestart @Roddan :


Those. Let me check next restart if it clears.


will be created trough your resources etc. when server is up again of course. Create a testfile in that folder and restart. See if the test file was removed :slight_smile:


Honestly VPS/Dedicated are a much better option than ZAP, depending on size of the VPS you buy, you can run multiple servers and pay way less.


who can help me?, I disconnect the ZAP server,not possible to change the xxxxx.lua, always reseting to default after restart