Problem with Linux VPS


Hello. I recently got a Linux VPS with DigitalOcean and I was trying to setup a FiveM server on it. I did everything the wiki post said to do and I keep getting a “Segmentation fault (core dumped)” error.


What version server artifact are you using?


I tried using the two newest ones for Linux.


Which versions were they… I’m asking this for a reason. Segmentation faults do not happen on freshly installed, up-to-date FiveM servers

Paste the whole name of the version on the server actifact site






Are you running the from the server-data folder and pointing it to the server.cfg?

../ +exec server.cfg


I think its one dot before
If so, then yes


No, because the is in the parent folder


According to this: post your directories could be myserver/server/ and have myserver/server-data


Unless I did this wrong, which I probably did


Do you know what the problem is?


You should have two directories. I have mine in var.

So I have

Server has the artifacts and
Server-data has server.cfg and the resources folder.

You change directories (CD) to server-data and execute from there.


cd /var/FiveM/server-data
bash ../server/ +exec server.cfg


I don’t know what I was doing wrong, but I did what you said exactly and it worked. Thanks


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