PriorityOneGaming is Back Only Server That is 100% Lambda Base And Staying That Way




The Day Has Come Priority One Gaming is back and this time we are keeping lambda 100% and gonna be the only server that will be 100% lambda. Wanna have fun like we did in the good old days join our

discord :

We are Hiring Admins l Police Officers l And We Want Our Civs Back.


100% Lambda base?!?! What? Can you elaborate?


which means we are keeping lambda for easy rp scenarios . its what people what non of this 100% rl rp people wanna have fun so that’s what we are going to give them


Fair enough. Nice logo also


thank you just gotta try and make civs happy


Yeah I quite like that logo to be honest.


Actually my first server I ever joined in FiveM. It was great.



weve got dedicated players and staff


Legit banned me because on accident i somehow sent this dude a discord link when i didnt even open his DM… I don’t even use the discord i sent him lmao


Yes, Priority One was also my first FiveM server, I did indeed enjoy it.


:slight_smile: lets make it great again


still hiring cops and staff so if u remember us come back !


maybe i’ll try it out tonight, getting tired of power tripped admins banning people for no reason so it would be nice to play with lay backed admins plus the Lambda menu is a bonus as it drives me nuts with these server side menus cluttering there servers.

I just want some were to play and be able to have fun all at the same time as i want to make a series for my youtube channel in the future.


no pwer tripped admins here just nice fun and simple rp


sounds good to me! i’ll try to come on and check it out!


Good Times.


bring it back !!!


Server defunct. Message me if you require re-listing.