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Hi there!

So I was scrolling through a mod for the beast and saw someone said they wanted to have a pack, so I made one :slight_smile:

The Pack includes

-The Beast 2017- by SkylineGTRFreak
-The Beast 2008- By wlupoli
-Secret Service Suburban-By SkylineGTRFreak
-Marine One- By SkylineGTRFreak

I would have added Air Force One, but the model isnt compatible with Five M

here is a picture I took of the Beast(2017) and the Suburbans(Flag Variant)

Download link-!dr5VzBQZ!yjbvWipNER4QrCPEkt6To_hI5vjzCm3oT-pjDqndeyU

If you have any questions or issues please let me know :slight_smile:

Note: On the Beast 2017 the weapons attached do not work

I hope you all enjoy this release, and I may slowly update it as more Presidential stuff is released.

Be sure to read the “Read Me” for information on spawn names and further details.

[Converted] Cadillac "The Beast" Presidential State Car [Waving flags | Add-On]

do you have a pic of The Beast 2008


I needs more picstures!!! AHHHHHH


I will gather some now


Ill add more right now :slight_smile:


There you go
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Is this set up as an add on or replaement?


They are all Add ons


ok ty
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No Problem :slight_smile:

They are all preset all you have to do is start their resource and you can spawn them.


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So did you make these vehicles or even the marine 1 livery or just downloaded and setup the resource.


I didnt make anything, credit is given in the Read Me,

These are all models I converted into a Add On pack for Five M.


Credits and links to originals should be in the OP. I mean, just as a courtesy to the people that put in the hard work to make them. To be honest, it would be even better to get permission to even repost their work.


If it is that much if on an issue for you, I will post the creds :slight_smile:


can i PM you real fast??


creadits are always an issue. always credit someone… like chip said, the have put lots of work in it so it is the smallest thing you could do is credit people that have made the cars :slight_smile:


And I did, in the read me :slight_smile:


Feel free, I have no problem with that :slight_smile:


Amazing pack. I would love to see more work from you. (Even though you only converted the files). Lol