Possible issue with FiveM backend for server listings


I have noticed several posts recently about not seeing servers on the server list. Is it possible that this might be a back end issue? Looking here https://devtesting.pizza/players/ we can see an odd leveling of players and servers recently and i know it is not provided by fivem but i feel this helps to add to evidencing the issue. Also looking at the logs for one of the recent reports of server listing issues in the game client we can see there is a connection issue with the back end web socket (Error 503) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1R6QB0B1KyuRRoEZFYoNoHDv1-fw5-jfx/view

Hope this is taken the right way and not as a complaint, simply putting 2 & 2 together hopefully.




Is not active anymore, since Vespura experienced some issue with the back-end of it. Thus leaving it in a non-functional state for the time being.

Nor does that page/tool accurately represent the server list status. https://status.fivem.net is the only official place that indicates any on-going issues.

The server list has his up and downs, but usually is resolved by itself.



fair enough. Thank you