Port-Forward Help


I’ve added the 4 ports they ask you to:


all 4 set to Both tcp and udp
Static IP set

What am I doing wrong? (No its not my firewall)


Google your router model and search for port fowarding. That should answer your question. Each router usually has it own forum or guides.


Yeah, but you’re still not adding FiveM’s port, which is 30120… Obviously it’s not going to work.

Added the ports that who asks you to? What exactly is the problem? Be more specific…


What exactly is telling you to open those ports? you only need the one port open for FiveM.


30120 didn’t work either… And I don’t think I can be more specific?



  1. Try connecting to localhost/

    • Try connecting to your global IP. ( with :30120 suffixed)
  2. Portfoward properly.

    • Setting a static IP to local computer on the network (ensure this is correct, i.e. ping the ip).
    • Add the port 30120 to the portforwarding in your router. (both TCP and UDP)
  3. Disable or make exempts for port 30120

    • Add outbound and inbound rules to the windows firewall (both for TCP and UDP for port 30120).
  4. Disable router’s firewall, like packet filtering, fragmented packets and portscans.

    • Unwise to have these settings turned off, only disable them for a quick test.
  5. Disable any other firewalls (i.e. pfSense)

  6. Reboot the router.

  7. You’re out of luck, you are probably behind a CG-NAT, contact your provider or buy a hosting.


  1. Use http://canyouseeme.org/ to check if port 30120 is open.

    • Server must be running in order for canyouseeme to detect the open port.
    • See if port 80 or 443 yield the same result.
  2. Use a Portscan to check the state of the port.

    • Same as inb4, server must be running.
  3. Monitor traffic with wireshark

If none of the above works, you are plain simple out of luck.


Where is the page that told you to open those ports? Do you know what those ports do? Are you using linux or windows? Home hosted or Dedicated Box? Do you have any type of firewall enabled? People cant connect to the server or it just doesn’t appear on the list?

What you basically told us so far is like this:
My cat has a disease and I rubbed his belly and it didn’t resolve, can anyone cure him?

That just extremely vague. You can’t call a doctor and tell him your stomach hurts without going for an appointment where he will get all the details he needs… Just be logical, we can’t read minds.

With what you gave us so far the most we can do is just guess what people normally do wrong and give you some fixes that may or may not work.

The only port that FiveM requires to be open is 30120, it does not use any other port.