Police Simulator - Inspired by LSPDFR



The idea for the server came about when me and a friend found out we both play LSPDFR and thought it might be a cool idea if we could play it together. Originally I was not going to introduce it to the public but I realised that a few other people might be interested in it too. It is still very early on in development but I am sharing the progress with you guys to gauge if people are interested in the idea and to get any feedback for improvement or features you might like to see implemented.

This isnt PVP cops and robbers

Most police servers are player-vs-player in nature and require a player to play the "bad guy". While I do like these types of servers, this isn't what I am going for with my server. The idea is to be a police sim, like LSPDFR, where AIs take the role of the criminals allowing for more of a police coop type of experience.

Progress update 01

So, I have been working on it for a few weeks so far. The longest part of development was changing all my code over to C# when I realised you could code resources with that language. Things are still very early on so I will be showing features I have currently implemented as well as giving you guys an idea for things I want to have completed in the near future.


One of the first things I made was a basic menu system so people were not having to do everything with chat commands. It makes things much more user-friendly. Upon joining the server (or dying) you are met with a menu to select any of the police stations you would like to spawn at. Spawn Menu GIF

After that you are shown an outfit menu which lets you customise the look of your police officer as well as what department you are a part of. (Planned to add more customisation, akin to EUP. This is a long-term plan though)

There is also a vehicle menu to allow you to easily spawn any police vehicle as well as repair, clean and toggle the engine.

PLD and Radar

A fully functional player location display and radar, heavily inspired by the pre-existing mods for LSPDFR and made from the ground up to be implemented with future systems for the server.


I have made progress on a web-based livemap that updates with the position of every player in the server. Initially, all callouts and dispatch will be handled by the server. However, I want to make a system so that if someone wants to they can take the place of dispatch. The livemap will be heavily integrated in with this so I wanted to get it finished early to have a basis for it. Please note, the player dispatch feature is a long-term goal and I want to get the basics of the server out of the way first before I handle extras like that.

Arrest Systems

I have spent a lot of time looking into the AI behaviours and pedtasks within GTAV and have made a system to handle pulling over a vehicle, asking a driver to enter/exit the vehicle and letting the target go. For my next area to focus development on, I want to add an arrest system and vehicle towing for driving peds with an arrest system for walking peds after I have finished that. While I anticipate challenges with coding this, with my current knowledge of the in-built pedestrian systems I should be able to get this done fairly soon and post an update.

Planned features for the next update post

  • Ped arrest for driving peds, with a towtruck to remove their vehicle
  • Ped arrest for walking peds
  • Ability to drop off arrested peds yourself or call for transport (much later, I would like to add the option for the transport request to show up to other players before trying to get an AI driver)
  • Spawn points for Sandy Shores and Paleto Bay


I would love to hear if anyone is interested in the project and would definitely appreciate any feedback for improvement or suggestions. I am a full time student so I wont be able to post updates super frequently but I enjoy working on this in my freetime so I will try and post updates every now and again.


Really like this coop idea! I wonder if you plan to release your script in the future?


It’s a possibility. I don’t want to confirm it right now so I don’t get people’s hopes up but I would have to make a lot of changes. I have made several edits to the standard resources shipped with FiveM such as the chat (I enabled the help text functionality for commands with a custom system).


This is awesome! I too am in a similar situation where I want my server to involve AI in the RP. I am keen to assist where possible as this is something I would love to see in the community (I can mash code (very basic) but cant write from scratch so am happy to help test, provide feedback, etc) I work for a technical department as a Business Analyst so I am keen to get more exposure in coding both personally and professionally and have experience in testing so I can provide assistance depending on how hard core you want to get. PM me and we can have a chat on discord or something as I think this is great.


Love this idea, but are you going to be able to “hybrid” this idea and maintain player criminals as well as the NPC’s so that “police clans” have something to do while waiting on players to come up with scenarios (or still be able to play if there’s a scenario going on they’re not part of. Lol) Let me know if that doesn’t make sense.


So far the idea is to only have AI criminals. However, I found it difficult to find much information on certain parts of the games pedestrian code. As a result I will be happy to release the pedestrian code and help any developers seeking to have AI/Peds in their code. So if any of the police servers do want AIs as well, I am happy to help their developers add them.


I have created a discord server for anyone interested in this. You can suggest ideas and keep track of my progress developing the server outside of just the forum.


So this is a server or a resource that you would be public releasing?


For now, a server. Details will be released when it is in a more final state


hey man this is exactly what my community is looking for. It sounds like everything is coming along nicely!. cant wait to see it if you ever release it. I as well others im sure would be highly interested in this script if you decide to release it


so, did you ever get this to work? It would be awesome for servers like the one I am on. We have around 8 dedicated people that play, and half are cops. So a lot of the time there is nothing going on. It would be bad-A if the AI gave us something to do too like LSPDFR.


Can we have a link please ?