POLICE DEPARTMENT RP (Server1) | Over 100+ Custom Cars | Menu Based | USA Department of Justice (DOJ) (LSPD) SERVER



Police Department Roleplay Server!
We are always looking for people interested in Police Roleplay, we have many dedicated officers on the server to this date but we aren’t stopping there. We aren’t like every other Police roleplay server that you’ve joined! We have a catchy song you load into to, we have over 100 custom Cars! Yeah over 100, you read it!

We are hiring!
We are looking for:

  • Civilians
  • Law Enforcement Officers (L.E.O.s)
  • Paramedics
  • Fire Fighters

How to join us?

You can join us by heading to our website or Join our Discord

“10/10 on IGN” - TheSLAPTrain (Youtuber) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_McpqVFEwk&t=311s


Hey i would like to come into the community. If there is any way for me to join let me know! Thanks


Hey Dude, you can join us by joining the discord