Please read I need help with my community. Thanks


Hello there, I have advertised me arse off for my community, and yet not many members are coming in?

Im wondering what im doing wrong? I have menu based and eco based servers. Im looking for developers who would work with us, but yet no avail! Not sure what im doing wrong?

Is fivem dead? If not how come people not coming?

Thanks for reading > If you do want to help me out with my server, and that you are willing to work with FiveM t&c’s then please add me, measlystorm#2272 for more info.

What am I looking to get out of my community?

Well let me explain, I want to have a unique server with custom scripts, cars etc Dont have to be complex scripts just basic will do, as im not the best in coding, Im willing and committed to bring the best community I can to my ability. I just need people to give me chance to prove to them.

I wont merge with other communities as I done that in the past, and tbh it was like the worst thing i did. I will partner up with people though ie advertise each others servers, and that kind of stuff.

Thanks in advance.