Please help with home hosted server


Hey everyone,

I have created my own server, completley running, i also have used opencad as a cad system, and its whitelisted locally to my home server pc. now with the whole needing a key for the ip address so its verified and all, how would i go about trying to keep my server up and running at home with a constantly changing IP address, which will mean i will end up eventually with ALOT of keys to different IP’s.


you could use logmein hamachi and make a vpn, this is how i did it


Does a VPN have static IP?


There’s a reason the key site says initial IP, that means that it’s fine if it changes.


@strontium. So if my OP changes to something completely different then other can still connect to the server?. But wouldnt they need the new ip to connect


Home hosted is honestly a bad thing to do unless its just for a few of your friends. but from hearing open cad im assuming your wanting a roleplay server. so my advice would be get a vps server for 5-15 bucks a month and get faster/ more stable network and the server will be up 24/7.


Why can I not create a new topic asking for help? I have watched, and read about all the closest up to date tutorials and cannot seem to get this up and running, I have a dedicated server pretty beefy, I have modded and hosted other games. I’m just stumped


What cant you get running??


Honestly I could not tell you. If I understood why I would fix it :slight_smile: It just crashes.


I have followed the tutorials (a few of them ) and the most recent ones I could find but, I have had no luck at getting it to start the actual server up. Normally when modding hosting a game, there is a few glitches at the start. I cannot even get it to load the scripts properly.


Are you loading the server.cfg? Have you tried turning all the scripts off and starting the server?.


you will need to make a new topic instead of hijacking someone elses, if you have any problem contact a moderator.

as for this… every time the ip changes you will have to give them the new ip but you will not have to change your key.


Yes I understand, It wont let me make a new topic, this is the reason for posting on someone else thread


:frowning: so the 10 different IP’s and keys now just mean nothing :cry:


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If you still need help with this issue DM me, i do System Administration and could probally help with your problem.


i dont have any issue i was just looking for some advice


Well, the ip changing is you needing to portforward which can be tricky depending upon the user. However, depending on what you want out of your server, you could look into buying a VPS or a Dedicated Node server. People say Linux is the best for fivem but i say Microsoft Server 2012R2 is the best for any game server (unless you’re running a hosting company, then use ubuntu 18.04 and use a daemon to hook to a web panel like pterodactyl so you can manage ur node ). Anyways, if you need help setting up a fivem server, buy a VPS, VDS or any cloud machine as those are already portforwarded. The trickiest part is setting multiple servers up on them because then it’s reccomended that you buy multiple dedicated ips, i’m gonna stop rambling. Just buy a server from NFOServers, DigitalOcean, or VPSDime and if you need it, i could help you out.