Please help having a issue with a server key


I cannot get my server key to work I’m getting this error

I’m opening it in a .bat file named"serverstarter"
I have the key put in here. image server.cfg
Any help is incredibly appreciated


Have you allowed the FXserver.exe through the firewall?


You’re not executing the server.cfg correctly.

Make sure when starting your server you add “+exec server.cfg


As you can see in the console, “no such config file: server.cfg” suggests that either

  1. You don’t have the file in your “server-data” directory
  2. You have saved the file though notepad and it has added a “.txt” extension on the end.


@dandaginger_123 Yes I have @Baryonyx Yes I have checked that numerous times @Havoc I will try those in a moment


@Havoc Yes that worked thank you!! I did #1


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