Please Help! Game constantly crashes and/or freezes!



GTA V version? Build 1290 1.42.

Up to date? Yes

Legit or Pirate copy? Legit

Steam/CD/Social Club? Steam

Windows version? Windows 10 Home 1607 64-Bit

Did you try to delete caches.xml and try again?
Yes - Did not seem to solve problem.

Error screenshot (if any)

System specifications
4th generation Intel® Core™ i7-4510U Dual Core Processor
2GB NVIDIA GeForce 840M Graphics
8GB DDR3L System Memory (1 Dimm)
1TB 5400 rpm Hard Drive
64-bit OS, x64-based processor

What did you do to get this issue?
Start playing in a server (doesn’t matter which) and then the game crashes or freezes randomly all the time - usually within first couple minutes, but occasionally before session even initializes. Did not have any issues with crashing or freezing until the 2nd or 3rd day of playing.

What server did you get this issue on?
Numerous/Several different servers.

CitizenFX.log file

.dmp files/report IDs
DMP Files

Also add what you already tried so far:
I’ve tried to re-install GTA V through Steam, tried “verifying the integrity of game files” through Steam, tried uninstalling and re-installing FiveM, tried running a Windows repair tool to fix registry errors and other problems, and tried updating video card driver(s). Nothing has seemed to make it any better or worse. I’m good with technology and computers, but only to an extent - when it comes to coding and such, it’s a bit beyond me without step by step instructions. I have not mod’d GTA V or FiveM files in any way either. If I did not correctly list something, or you need any additional info to troubleshoot, please let me know! I have exhausted all of my options I believe. Thank you in advance!


update your Windows 10 to the latest. 1607 was known to have some problems.


That’s the other thing… I’ve been trying to do that also, but I’ve tried the update about 6 times now and get an install error each time.

I’m not so sure that would be the issue either though, simply being I was able to play it for about 3 days after the original install without any issues.


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