Players Invisible to Each Other


So, not sure why this is happening but everytime I or someone else joins the server it either ends up them being invisible or me being invisible to them, or we’re all invisible to each other. I don’t know what’s causing this issue, I haven’t seen anyone else reporting this and I’d like to solve it, so please someone help.


Could be a script your using or the default ped model is invisible. As some ped models are (as they are for cutscenes).


Hmm, well both my friend and I have customized our peds.


Could be a script your using then.


Yeah, I look over my ESX files and see what’s causing it. I’d imagine something written in esx_skins is whats making it cause this.


Hi! did you figured it out? 'cuz on my server the players just randomly turned invisible too. I didn’t modified anything. It appeared at the previous night


No, sadly I didn’t solve the issue. I am hoping someone else can help with this and maybe go over my server with me and solve the problem.


Anyone figure this out? Just started happening on my server