PlayerID not working?


Hi there

Whenever I tried and enter a command in chat, such as /goto or /kick with an ID number of a player, it returns ‘Incorrect PlayerID!’ and it appears as if the IDs are registering properly. Any help with this one would be greatly appreciated.


Can you show us the code? Without it your request is pretty much useless :wink:


Hi there what code would you like to see? I’m not the most intelligent for this stuff :stuck_out_tongue:


I assumed you were coding the resource yourself, if that’s not the case then ask for support in the original resource topic.
If you are making the resource yourself, then just show the code you’ve written of course :wink: !


I’m not making the resource myself, unfortunately, I’m not sure which resource is causing the error. It COULD be es_admin, but st this stage I’m looking for general help because I’m a bit baffled :stuck_out_tongue:


Same issue happened to me when I changed the chat! Any solutions?


Same for you, you’ll have to ask for support in the topic of the resource that you use for those commands.