Plane "Stunt Smoke" trails


What about Phsycho edited? I prefer that one.


it’s your resource, you do it


don’t remind me of that one :frowning:


I’m sorry, I won’t bring you Vietnam flashbacks again.


ratatatatatatatatatatat :fire: :vietnam:



Can you make this for my server plz?

(31.92 Chaerharhahfherters 0 sizecolor 69 69 69)


Hmmm. Wonder if I can implement the rainbow fade from the “simple watermark” resource into the smoke :stuck_out_tongue:


wheres the credit for falling down?


Yeah, wouldn’t be hard at all. However setting decors every frame doesn’t sound like a good idea to me




Lil Peep Falling Down Ft. XXXTentaction


Great one @IllusiveTea! :mascot:


you could save the color using a single int decor, actually could use 3 bytes for RGB and the 4th for size so like RGBI (Intensity) then ofc would require a little more work on client to pack/unpack it but would only store 1 decor instead of 4

also you could delete the bool one, and just use a single one as mentioned above
EDIT: nvm


i was originally planning to do it with a string, until i released i couldnt, and instead parse it like “255;255;255” or so


Quick update! Something i completely forgot about, thanks to @Vespura for making it OneSync compatible! :smiley:


Nice share and funny script, thx for it, will use it!


Nice release, you always come through with some original stuff.