Paradise Roleplay



Why Paradise?
Some time ago we have been playing a lots of roleplay on different games like GTA 4, Arma 2/3,
Garry´s mod,… None of those roleplay modes for the games were as real as the one final - FiveM.
After some time of playing on few servers we started thinking about making one our selves. We spent hours, days, weeks working on the server to get it basic. Then we spent thousands of hours coding scripts working with databases and more. It was worth it. It was the first time we started the server. The feeling of first start ? It was amazing. We found out few bugs but nothing what could stop us. We decided to upgrade our servers for better performance and move the server into Europe.
We started getting more and more ideas. We had some difficulties but that didnt stop us. We are here and we are aiming high! We hope you will enjoy our server!

​So how can you find us?
Join the discord to read about rules, applications and hang out :slight_smile:
We are currently in need of police officers, ems and moderators.

Search for Paradise RP :wink: