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Hi there we are a community of ex DOJ members. We would love for a developer to join our community and improve the server to make it as realistic as possible. We are also looking for a dedicated community of professional LEO’s and Civilians too. Please message me on my Discord if you feel that you are interested in joining us here at SASRP

Chris H. 3C-297 #3252

Thank you


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Hey since you are just starting would you be interested in merging?

About Us:
Old Line State Roleplay was founded in late 2018 (December to be exact) by two dedicated and experienced roleplayers. We aim to provide a realistic and professional experience while keeping it fun and in game boundaries. The community is always open to suggestions and new people. The community is run like a democracy where every person has a say to make sure everyone enjoys their stay and to stay engaged with our members.

Our Departments:

  • San Andreas State Police - Applications Open
  • San Andreas Department of Public Safety - Applications Open
  • Blaine County Sheriff’s Office - Applications Open
  • Los Santos Police Department - Applications Open
  • Communications - Application Open
  • Civilian - Applications Open
  • San Andreas Fire Department (Coming Soon)

What we have available:

  • A friendly environment to be in.
  • A fully functional server to play on.
  • Serious Roleplay (NO TROLLING)
  • Custom LEO/FD/DOT/and assets. (Custom handling tuned to be realistic)
  • Luxart vehicle control.
  • Custom Discord rich presence.
  • Active staff/admin/dev team.
  • Frequent updates for new content.

Much more to come in the near future!


  • You MUST be in possession of a legal copy of Grand Theft Auto V, except dispatchers.
  • You MUST be 13+ and be mature and professional
  • You MUST have a quality headset with no feedback
  • All community members must be respected 24/7

Our Discord:

Original Forum Post:


Hi there that would he something I am most definitely interested in. Pleade contact me on Discord at your earliest convenience :slight_smile: Thank you