Open source CAD


Hello everyone. So I’m planning on creating an open source CAD website application. Of course, you may say to yourself, this has been done before, but I hope to do things differently.

To begin with, it’s going to be completely free and open source allowing other web developers to collaborate and bring our efforts together. One of my main objectives with this CAD is to have it community driven, by this I mean features and changes are based on the communities decision. By doing this, I hope to produce a good application that everyone will love. I also plan to maintain it, I’ve noticed lots of previous apps have been abandoned.

So what’s the purpose of this post? Well, I want to collect features/ideas from the community. All I’m asking is for you to suggest ideas for the app. Once I have a decent list, I’ll try and organise them into releases.

I hope to begin development on this very soon! If you have any questions please let me know.

Also on a side note if there are any good, experienced web designers out there please get in touch! (I’m not paying though as this is an open source, non-profit project).

A background on myself. I’m a full-stack, full-time web developer in the UK and just wanting to fill up my free time with something useful to people.

Many thanks, look forward to reading your ideas.


Hey, just seen this post and one suggestion I would put forward would be an easy to navigate UI. Most cad systems that you see have very basic and compact.

Whereas something that looked realistic but still simple to use is something I could get behind.

If you want me to elaborate more just PM me and ill be happy to talk :slight_smile:

Good luck


I wish I had creative ideas man but I have this non-creative idea. I would like to see a module system which community can create modules for. For example after the release if there is a module system I am pretty sure E.S.X community would sh*t out some new modules integrated with E.S.X.


No, just no, just no, just nooooooooooooooooooooooo ESX.


I said a moduler system would be great. “make this with e.s.x plssss” and “We can implement a moduler system and E.S.X community would sh*t out something that connects this CAD to E.S.X.”

#6 already done


Does not mean he cannot make another one though, just saying.


In reference to Don’t mean to shit talk people’s work but the site has been down for a while, I can’t see a demo and the code on github is quite shit.

Had this one been good I probably wouldn’t want to make my own.

  1. The website is in the process of being upgraded.
  2. The demo is
  3. The code is not even remotely close to being labeled as shit.

Nobody asked for your opinion on OpenCAD.
I never said he couldn’t make one. he can do whatever he wants to I don’t care.

I’m just saying it’s already been done.


Ok website is understandable and thanks for providing a demo, I will take a look tomorrow.

I fail to understand why this isn’t written in OOP PHP. The amount of conditionals like literally 20 lines of else if isn’t great, that’s only one example. It goes against a lot of best practices. I’m going to give my opinion to back up why I would like to make my own


Hi @Myles1431,

My name is Phill and I am one of the Project Managers of OpenCAD.

Thank you for understanding the website bit. I have been splitting my time between trying to build it and fighting with getting Confluence up. On a personal note I am starting Medical Assistant training tomorrow so I will be able to devote even less time to the project.

As for the source and the way it is there is a backstory. If you’d like to chat over it please feel free to highlight me in the project’s Discord and I’d be happy to talk with you 1-on-1.

I appreciate the fact that you aren’t approaching this foaming at the mouth and mad because you can’t understand why something are the way they are.

Phill Fernandes
Project Manager


Hi Phill.

I would be interested in looking at the demo but the credentials on the release page do not work.

I feel as you’re offering an open source project, therefore open to collaboration, you should share why it was written the way it was. I’m not saying it’s awful I’m just saying it could have been done a lot better, but if you have a reason I’d love to hear it.


Hi Myles1431,

We have failsafe demos just shoot us a message on discord or ask for matt tell him farmer sent you

Justin Farmer
Project Engineer/Sr.Moderator