OneSync+ and future work on OneSync

We’ve just merged the cloning-plus branch for OneSync into the master branch of FiveM. This means that the following features exist as of the latest server builds:

  • Lots and lots of server performance optimizations for OneSync.
  • Less crashes - there’s a few new ones, but a lot of old ones are gone.
  • Up to 128 player slots (for FiveM Element Club Platinum :star2: and higher only at this time, set sv_maxclients to any high value up to 128)
  • Less breakage with population enabled.
  • 32 slot OneSync for free :free: for development, testing and using server-side APIs!

How to use it?

Simple - update your server to version 1346 or above (basically the latest ok). It’s not been tested on Linux yet, so use Windows for now. Old servers have received minimal testing with the new client, but they should still somewhat work fine.

Make sure you changed your loops in scripts to 256, and not ‘64’ - even if you stay at 64 slots, you’ll need to have your loops set higher than 64 for your scripts to remain working. If you followed the documentation, this should be correct already, if you decided to be a smart-ass and ‘but 64 works fine too’, then you’ll have to change it again.

As usual, report high-quality bug reports in #general-discussion:1s-reports, and have fun!

Future work will involve:

  • client performance increases
  • crash fixes?
  • array handlers, network ptfx, such broken stuff



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Yehh, that happend :heart_eyes:

This is the future :slight_smile:

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What do you mean by that? :slight_smile:

free use of “+set onesync_enabled 1” on startup server for 32 slots free


It means you still need to pay the fivem devs on patreon for access to 32+ players on your server.

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waiting the 256 slots when comments …

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64 slots when



Awesome! :raised_hands:t3::heart::heart::heart:

love it

Still waiting on 500 Slots… LMAO :smiley: Great work guys keep it up :heart:

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daaaaaaaaamn son

It’s necessary to put that -> set onesync_enabled 1?

128 slots! :blush:

Waiting for the 1,000 slots!