Oakshire Life | Custom Vehicles, Custom CAD/MDT, Sherrif-Highway-City Police, Active Admins, Great Staff, Serious RP|


      Hello, we are Oakshire Life a realistic Five M role-play group. We are a Police and Civilian role-play group that role-plays everyday through out the week. At Oakshire Life we take everything serious. We have a great staff team with admins and moderators. We also have a human resources group to help the new and everyday role-players We are looking for more players to join our RP server and community. 

     On the Oakshire Life server we over 50+ custom vehicles. We also have different add on vehicles as well. For all of our Divisions on our server, every one has custom vehicle skins and PED skins. We also have some extra map add-ons. We like to expand our divisions on our server with very custom ones like for example we have Game Warden and Gruppe 6 security. Our server decisions and ideas are based on the community members and staff team, everyone has a voice.
     We are a new starting server but we have many of people. It would be awesome if you could check it out. Here is the link to the discord server and website were all the information you need is provided (DISCORD) https://discord.gg/5SFGc8T, (WEBSITE) https://oakshirelife.weebly.com/, (Five M Server Direct Connect) Thank you and have a good day.  -Oakshire Life Community