Greetings, and welcome to Cronus Gaming FiveM Server!


Some information regarding our server!

  • All our options are server sided, except for the client interactions.
  • There are 2 whitelisted Jobs Police & Fire Rescue, However apply now and rise through the ranks!
  • We have high quality custom police vehicles.
  • We have made lots of core modifications to ESX so it suits our server standards
  • We are not done with development yet, theres still lots to come, and lots to be improved.

For great roleplay opportunities, make your dreams a virtual reality!

  • Multiple Characters. Up to 4 Characters
  • San Andreas State Police
  • San Andreas Fire Rescue
  • Plenty of Sub-Divisions in All Departments
  • Lawyers
  • Drugs. Hidden Around the map
  • Phones - With Calls Texts GPS & Twitter
  • Gangs - Create your own gang
  • Mechanic shops, and Mechanic on the go!
  • Real Estate
  • Weekly Events
  • Much much More…
  • Lovely Organized discord server.

Why hesitate, join us and join the fun!
We are working day by day on improving the server, feel free to shoot us any suggestion whatsoever!
We have very simple rules here at Cronus Gaming, Here is a List of our Top 10:

Top Ten Basic Rules:

  1. Don’t be Unprofessional
  3. You must have a working microphone.
  4. You must be able to understand and speak English since we are a NA based server.
  5. You must have access to discord. This is primarily what we use to communicate whether it regards staff, applications, server events, and etc.
  6. You must respect one another in and out of RP. Derogatory remarks directed to others regarding race, gender, religion, disabilities or sexual preference will not be tolerated.

Any form of harassment or disrespect will result in consequences.

  1. If a problem needs to be resolved, always use the chain of command when contacting staff. Speak to a moderator first before speaking to admins.
  2. Do not backseat Staff whether in game or in discord. We appreciate all that care about the community and want to help out but please leave this to our staff team who are tasked to take care of situations.
  3. Advertising, including links in steam names are not allowed.
  4. Steam or discord names that are deemed offensive will receive one warning/kick. Please have appropriate names. If you continue to join after being warned/kicked with the offensive name, there will be consequences.

Welcome to Cronus Gaming! We are a newly started community looking for new players or even experienced. We are a Hybrid server so we include some features from ESX and Sandbox servers. With this Hybrid server mix it will keep it to where you will still have a physical inventory where you can physically in game pick up and transfer things with other players. This adds the more realistic feature to our server instead of /me. Also we have kept the V menu (F1 Menu) for spawning in vehicles and weapons. We as a server noticed that throughout all servers the only reason people dislike economy servers is due to many don’t like the grinding process of Economy so we decide to give all persons any vehicle to spawn in except certain sports and armored vehicle classes. If any of these types of vehicles is wanted like sports cars or armored vehicles then a player will have to work to get them by doing in game jobs.

Similar rules to vehicles but weapons that can be used with one hand or in a drive by shooting are allowed to be spawned in through the F1 Menu. Any other unspawnable weapons classified as assault rifles or 2 handed weapons shall be bought at the ammunition stores. Note, if you would like to carry a weapon legally you must have a weapon license which in our server you can obtain through our ESX scripts. Not having a weapon license just means any weapon on your person will be considered unlawful carry of an firearm. Basically in our server we are keeping inventory stuff and food and hunger in and we are basically taking out buying cars to a certain extent. We have LEO and EMS/FIRE and active staff almost 24/7 around the clock. We are looking for more players so we can create a stronger player base within the community.