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We are Hiring LEO, Fire and Ems, We are also Hiring Staff that will be professional on the server and discord. NOTE: Must be with us for more then a month or so to be able to apply for Staff.

Send in an Application right away and it will be looked at in less then 1 hour for any Department (Must be on Discord)

  • Custom Peds for LEO
  • MCSO
  • MCPD
  • MCFD
  • PST
  • Custom Civ Cars
  • Jobs
  • Drugs
  • Houses/Apartments
  • Clothing shops
  • Airplane Shops NEW
  • Boatshops NEW
  • ELS Cars

We are a new RP server ON FiveM, But we have been around for a while on other platforms, We are all family here rather if you are a Civ or LEO or Fire and Rescue, we treat everyone that joins us with respect no matter who you are, We also do legit Hardcore RolePlay on FiveM, We try to be as Professional as can be on the server and discord, Join the Discord for more Info and Apply for a department. (NOTE: LEO and the Fire and Rescue are all trained departments meaning you will start off as a cadet and work your way up the ranks)

Screen shots of the current cars that are skinned, More to come, NOTE: These cars are not in the game anymore but they are show casing what the cars would look like and are gonna look like


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