Non-ELS issue



So I have been adding non-els police vehicles to my server lately. Some work, some don’t. The vehicles that don’t work, end up looking crazy bad! The lighting on the vehicles are not in place with the light bars and increase in size by like 20x. How could I fix this?


seems like its using the wrong lights maybe mess with the carvariation and change the sirensettings ids


I have seen this work:
Clear both your server cache and if that doesnt work then clear it again and clear your client.


Also make sure that there is no conflicting vehicles and carvariations.meta across different resources. That may also be why.


if the model doesn’t come with a carvariation file, what could i do


copy one from another or create one from scratch but u can copy it from another cop car


so i copied this one from another and changed the model name to match the vehicle. what else should i change?




if sirensettings 20 doesn’t work try 1


so i tried 1, doesn’t work at all. I think maybe i didn’t add the carvariations to the _resource.lua correctly but this is what i got in there. I also only have carvariations in my data folder. sorry my scripting guy is gone for the week


u can take out the “,” after the files section cuz ur not loading multiple files but try another one like 20 etc


sorry im not the scripting kinda guy so im kinda confused, could you hop on my ts and help us out?


i am on my community’s rn just change the # xD and make sure to clear ur cache for that resource b4 restarting the server taht could be why its not working in the 1st place


nothing is working to fix it


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