No Number pad



On my Keyboard i do not have a Number pad. Can someone please help me find a 5M Compatable menu for arrow keys and not the numpad


MelloTrainer uses the arrow keys.



Thanks for the help, how do i install it into 5M It has alot of files


Hey, you can also try to edit the trainer files to make the keys arrow keys, you can also buy an external numpad for 5 bux on ebay


That’s server side… He wants a client side trainer I believe.


Like @Summ said you can just buy a external number pad for 10 dollars.


There’s plenty of mod menus that allow you to edit the keys or use the arrow keys by default, just take a look around Google. If you’re looking for server side mod menus then take a look at the provided suggestions above.

Because this is not a FiveM related issue, this topic will now be closed.