No longer openn


Closed no longer open.


Welcome back Xan, Wish you the best for DG.


This server is one of the few that has everything needed for proper role play. In my opinion this server doesn’t get enough feed back and support for the effort being put in my the developer(s). I would like to tell you guys that this server is doing amazing but sadly it isn’t. . This server has been hurt my the lack of players joining whether they are randoms or apart of the community via discord. I’ve have seen countless servers have this problem but people that are on the server do nothing to stop this. Yes one person might send out an advertisement but that doesn’t save a server. My last role play that I had which was tonight(8/10/18, 12:00 EST) ended in such a way because there was not enough people on the server to keep the action going. I think this server should reach out to smaller role plays severs that look to be struggling as well and trying make an agreement with them.this server would be saved if this is done. I’m telling you guys this server has potential but not enough people. Thank You for reading



HEY guys, I got a lot of experience in roleplaying including doj so hope to put in an application and may i ask is there any high positions open in bcso?


This is an amazing Server ran by some amazing people. Staff is super friendly and the LEO’s are very good and definitely know what they are doing. It’s sad that this server is not getting the recognition it deserves. This server has a lot of potential but not enough people to reach this potential. If you want a server to have fun either as a civilian or an officer this really is the server for you.