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Hello all,

I am starting up a new server and feel the setup is going well for the number of people helping put it together however I am starting to run into roadblocks with my knowledge of coding and modding for FiveM.

I am needing some assistance from some lovely developers with two projects in mind.

I am intending to integrate [Release] LiveMap into our CAD/MDT for our dispatch, however we are only wanting the livemap to display three items: Those in a police car (or any emergency class vehicle if need be), a specific blip for /panic button calls (Person types “/panic” in chat and a blip appears on the map - Would be great if this blip was temporary for around 10 mins), and a specific blip for /911 calls. The /911 call blip, I would love to, instead of being a blip, be a general circle that the blip could reside in. We would love to need the necessity to triangulate calls if need be to find the location of the person calling /911.

My second project is configuring the Action Menu / M-Menu to perform different actions such as emotes, vehicle interactions, setting down props and etc. I generally already have mods installed that can do all these functions but am really looking to consolidate.

If you could assist, it would be much appreciated! I highly look forward to meeting you/working with you.

You can contact me here or on Discord at Jsnbrown1989#9247

Hope to talk to ya soon!

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