New UserID


Hello. How Can i get a new UserID for fivem. I need a new UserID, so i’m NOT whitelisted on Andy servers anymore… plz help, i need a new id.


I don’t really believe that you want a new user id to get unwhitlisted. The only time people wanna get a new id is so you can get unbanned…


Nope. But i know What you mean… I only beacuse i join a server But doesnt get a id. But all another People’s get a id…


What id are you talking about. Every time you join a server you have Ids you have license key, steam id(if you have steam started), a server id, and a ip address.


As said above, there are 3 types of client ID. IP, game license and steam id if steam is running. All of them being personal to you and none of them will change(ip may change from time to time)

If you were banned from a server they more than likely banned you with all 3 ID’s meaning you will have to get a new ip, game copy and steam account.

If you were not banned and it’s an issue with a specific server then take the issue up with the server itself.



Solution has been provided by @AspireHD