[NEW] SentinelGaming | Sandy Shores/Grapeseed | Serverside Trainer | SeriousRP | Recruiting Cops and FF/EMS! | Need Command Units!



Welcome to SentinelGaming!


Welcome to Sentinel Gaming, a new community! We are a community filled with dedicated roleplayers, who have the same interests as you, to have fun! We are currently seeking LEO command units (SAHP Commissioner and such), and we are planning on launching the server TONIGHT at 7PM EST! We are inviting everyone to join us on discord at https://discord.gg/3NPrsD8 So what are you waiting for? Come join us on this epic adventure!

General Information

Discord: https://discord.gg/3NPrsD8
Server IP: (NOTE: It is not up yet, as we are launching at 7PM EST tonight!)
Website: http://sentinelgaming.net

Custom Vehicles

SentinelGaming will have custom emergency vehicles tailored to respond to incidents quickly. We will have vehicles such as dodge chargers, tahoes, crown victorias, and more! Here is a sneak peak on our Blaine County Sheriff’s Office dodge charger!


SentinelGaming is recruiting for all emergency services! We are recruiting on police, fire/ems, and dispatchers! You may apply for these factions on our website at sentinelgaming.net

Community Management

Our community is run by two directors. Our main Community Director is Blizzard, and our Deputy Director in charge of Development is Mr Energized.

Our goal

Our goal is not to gain money, but to simply have fun! We are a fully serious rp community, meaning no goofing off! We take roleplaying very seriously, and will issue harsh punishments for those who decide to disrupt the environment we have set, here at SentinelGaming.

Emergency Services & RP Location

We are going to have three emergency service factions to serve the Sandy Shores and Grapeseed areas. Blaine County Sheriff’s Office, San Andreas Highway Patrol, and Blaine County Fire Department. We currently need command staff for BCFD and SAHP, so if you’re interested join our discord, and send Blizzard a PM!

More details will be added to this post in the future as we continue to grow and improve! See you soon!


UPDATE: Our project has found a new name, and we are launching tonight at 7PM EST!

Come join us for some fun!




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