New rp server with military and secret service departments sadojrp


Hello, everyone. I and a few others are starting a new server. This will be similar to dojrp with polecat but we have 2 new and unique departments. They ar the military department and secret service department. Right now we need developers. But applications are still open for any department. The developers get access to all other departments and vehicles. The developers also need to know how to run a server from vps, build a website, write lines of code, mod and script fivem and so on. Requirments are you have to be 16, have a microphone, legal copy of gta v, fivem, pc that can run gta v. Discord and YouTube video explaining it more will be linked.

To apply just go to discord and put in general chat what you want to apply for and you will then go through an interview. If you dont have discord you can email me at

Thanks and have a great day!