New CAD/MDT for Free (Coming Soon)


Hey All Peoples,

I have started to create a new type of CAD, with the use of bubble (A CAD/MDT that somewhat looks like the DOJ CAD). I will be giving it away from free, and will be available on Feel free to PM and ill give you some screenshots (Again its in Early Alpha), and can help you set it up the way you want it.

Kind Regards,





Hey guys, CaptainDanTheMan and I have now released the CAD

You can find it here at:

There’s also a support, updates and fun discord at this discord:

Hope you find this useful


How do i add this inside my game so if i press CTL C it would open it up so they can create a thing


what do you mean by: Create a thing?


Have you ever looked at something and thought, man this would look ten times better if I took a small cactus bush and jammed it into my asshole while having someone actually piss in your eyes?

That’s what went through my head when I see this shit, why are you people recreating the god damn wheel. There’s plenty of CADS that are drawn up by playschoool students that are more effective then this shit. Have any of you ever actually used a real CAD? For fuck sakes…


Can you post a download or something instead of linking to sketchy websites and discord? This isn’t a release. This is just advertising for your own sites/services.