[NEW] BCRP WANTS YOU! Blaine County RP | Custom Made EUP | Custom Cars | Non-ELS | NEED STAFF & HIGH COMMAND LEO | 200+ CIV CARS!



Interested in joining a new server with plenty of opportunities and intricate roleplay? We have tons of opportunities for both new and experienced Role Players here at Blaine County Roleplay. At this moment we are currently accepting applications for Blaine County Sheriff’s Office, California Highway Patrol, Fire and EMS Department, our Emergency Services Communications Program, and our Specialized Civilian Program.We do allow community cops/ems/fire, the way this works is you can only be one for 2 weeks then you must apply for whitelisted services. Our server contains custom vehicle skins anda fully custom hand made EUP! We also hold a unique variety of scripts and other roleplay enhancing options. We can’t wait too see you out there!

Discord: Click Here

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