[New] AllulaNET RP - Roleplay Server for all skill levels



AllulaNET is a newer server to the FiveM community looking for members, developers, department leads, everything! This server is built with the foundation of facilitating Player interactions as well as having been taught from the mistakes of others to better allow for a solid community.

We are always working on ways to make RP a more interesting and versatile thing, and we want to focus on the players rather than overly complex systems that will convolute the whole experience. We want storytelling and player to player interactions to come first above all other elements.

Come pay us a visit and help us get a footing in the world! We are constantly adding new things and on the lookout for new ways to engage the RP in different and creative ways.

We are also seeking Job/Dept leaders, developers, pretty much every role right now, so it’s a good time to come see us! Things such as police and EMS are not complicated and don’t have full SOP yet, as we’re looking for good Police and EMS leads to help flesh those out.

Bear in mind that I am still occasionally adding things and tweaking things so, there may be some downtime for restarts and whatnot, but they should be few and far between at this point.


(There is a Spam timeout involved in this discord, so if I see you join, I’ll reach out to you, but if not, sit tight and come say hi!)


I’m looking for an advisor, someone that can look at a system and say “Hey I know how we can make this better”

I’m your guy. I added you on discord.


Updated Post.