New! AfterLifeGTARP | Whitelisted PD,EMS,Fire,Gangs | ESL + MDT/CAD | Serious RP | Custom PD Cars | Tons of Jobs | Now Looking for All Positions and Staff


We here at AfterLifeGTARP are looking for people who are interested in Serious role play. We have a wide range of jobs and vehicles you enjoy. Here is a list of a few of our current jobs, with a lot more to come.

Whitelisted Jobs:
-Airliner / Aircraft Dealer
-Car Dealer
-Marina / Boat Dealer
-Gangs and Cartels

-Delivery Driver
-And Drugs for all

-In-game Tablet
-K9 & Pets
-Police Interaction With AI
-Custom PD cars made In-House (Crown Vic, Charger, Avalanche, Raptor, GT Mustang, BMW Bike, Taurus, Tahoe, Silverado, Bearcat, and more)
-Tons of Emergency Vehicles all ELS (Ambulances Both Box and Van, Engines, Ladder trucks, Tenders, Brush Trucks, Command Units, Heavy Rescue, Helicopters, Trailers)
-Synced Weather and so much more.

Our History
We are originally from Arma3 and move over to GTA 5 a little bit ago. All of our Senior Staff is over 25 with over 5 years of serious role play experience, and 3 years in a high-up administrative position. Our goal is to provide an amazing place for you to truly role play not just gun play.


Currently Looking for:
Head of EMS
Head of Fire
FTO’s for Police




Here is a quick look at some of our PD cars!


Currently Looking for Experienced In-game Officers 16+