Network Sync for Zombies


Hello, does anyone know the natives, functions or event that can be used to ber able to sync the Zombie peds with all the clients so every client see’s the same ped. We have had alot of issues with palyers not seeing other players Zombies etc. Using a heavily customized RottenV ZombieSpawner.lua


how many zombies are you spawning? GTA V can’t handle too many zombies, otherwise it will either crash or just fail to sync peds


We have a playercount function so the default amount of Zombies is 125 from players 1 to 7 and then it doubles every 7 players by starting from 250 and going up to 500 after 14 to 21 then 750 from 21 to 28 players then 1000 zombies when maxed out but we also have it set for the Zombies to divide per player count so realistically speaking your dividing 1000 by 32 which = 31.25 total Zombies per client to make up the total of 1000 Zombies in all 32 clients. Do you got any suggestions in terms of stability?


i use 15 zombies that spawn in ~50m distance (max) from the player for each client


Yeah i currently scaled it down to 50 total divided by playercount plus the doubling up by 50 every 7 players. And within a radius of -1000, 1000 so they are spread out, good fps improvement though


Alright something I noticed is getting punched by thin air or Zombie peds that haven’t loaded in, they are entirely invisible on your end but are there on someone elses, the collision and everything hasn’t loaded so you can’t see anything from them even a shadow and they end up killing you, any ideas of any Network Syncing Natives I could test to resolve this or would it be my custom skins I got for the Zombies etc?


Old thread but worth a shot. Im also having this issue, any thoughts or suggestions to fix?


Still nothing as of yet, but maybe look into creating server script events for the client script zombiespawner. Then trigger those server events when the zombie spawns so that way the server keeps track of where the zombie is and keep it visible to everyone at all times