Needing Developer!


Hello! I’m looking for a developer to assist (pretty much do everything) me in getting a functional server, that also looks relatively good. I have plenty of graphics for the community, but I lack in knowledge of how to get this server up and running, while also appearing like the server is refined and finished.

Please message me directly for more information regarding the post.
You can contact me via DMs or Steam. I will respond fairly quickly.
Steam -->


what do you have to offer in return?


I could work something out I’m sure.


Nope. No profit at all allowed. Instead, why don’t you provide a place to test the code or something else that can help the developer.


I’m good with that, thanks for the advice! Sorry for the issue with the rules! @JSRPOwner I could provide a dev server, or anything server related for that matter. Let me know what would be best for you.


i can do it for you if you still need a dev


@Elite1 Any help would be very much appricitated!