Need help with peds


in my server for an example when you first come into it it makes you create your character but the thing about that is it save those outfits what would i need lets say you to play as a ped model how can i add those to clothes store instead what im trying to say is when i choose to play as a ped when i come back into the server it turns me back into my mp character i created so i cannot get my ped model to save? would someone be able to help me on discord screenshare or something thanks Outlawzs#6047
sorry if im confusing btw im using esx


Hey man, unfortunatly I can’t help but, I have changed you topic title to say peds instead of skins (if u want it changed just reply)

Also you might want to mention which base you are using (ESX, vRP, custom)

Hope your issue gets soughted