Need help with esx_celldoors no key HELP PLEASE



Hi basically I have esx_celldoors and I cant get a key for the life of me, I don’t know how to do it. I tried on the original form to ask but no reply! So I’m wondering if any one would be kind enough and help me please?

I have waited over a month but no one replies to my comments…

Thanks in advance.


Ask in the original topic, if they have not replied it will be no different here be patient.


I have waited over a month and no reply dude.


Is you job set as police


I use the cops-fivem script.


do u have esx in your server ?


yes I do dude. (shit 20-characters! lol)


ok and your job is set to police ?
because I put it in my dev server and it works fine


Mine is set as park ranger not sure how to change that, as im kind of new to developing, and find it frustrating at times.

I had it before on my other server but now since I moved over it don’t work…

Its strange. I know I had to do something but Im not sure what. lol I tried everything.


ok if you have admin power on the server like esx admin go /setjob your id police 0

if not go in to the sql and make the job not whitelisted so u can go to the job center and get it


Ok I give that a shot so just to confirm I type in /setjob 2 police 0 (mine is currently LSPD)???


ok that should make it work


Ok thank you soooo much its been driving me nuts if im honest with u. This is what it looks like currently.

(UPDATE: It works now thank you once again!)


no problem have a good day


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